We wanted to add something here to make sure you dont arrive at an empty page 🙂 Let me tell you about Expat Europe. I have lived in 3 countries now as an expat, friends of mine, as many, some more. My latest move we were actually free to choose our country, with no restrictions other then our expenses! So I trawled forums, websites, twitter, asked friends and so on, and what did I find…? A TON of empty forums, out dated websites and basically, I pretty much just wasted alot (ALOT!) of time!

One of the best expat sites I ever used was a forum in the middle east, it was the go to place for anything and everything. Oh how I wished something like that existed in Europe!

So I spoke to a friend, and another friend, and the idea of Expat Europe slowly formed. We dont WANT a website, because websites get out dated – fast – if they have only one or two people running them, so the whole idea is to have a forum, that way the information we gather can be kept up to date and current with the help of every expat that uses it! To create this wonderful place, we need YOU 🙂

Come and visit the site today, sign up, list your expat blog in your country section, check us out, post a post, maybe, just maybe, we will be able to create what we set out to do, but we need YOU 🙂

Thanks for your support!

Eiram & Nael – 2 expat ladies on a mission!



Click Logo above to to to our forum! 🙂


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